Monday, March 21, 2016

Finished - Tau Remora

Also from the China recasters, are these Tau Remoras. They retail for $25 each not including shipping which is insane. The Recasts are not awful. The detail is good, the lines are nice and deep and the wings are all almost straight. For $25 shipped, I got two Remoras which is fine by me. Depending on how they actually perform for me on the battlefield, I may be getting more. 

At 110 points each, they are expensive to fit into small games. They also eat up a very valuable Fast Attack slot int eh Tau army. That means less these days, but I tend to think in the old Force Org chart even in these Unbound days. For only 20 more points, you can get a Barracuda, which is superior in my opinion. 

What you do get is a fairly delicate model. At 10 AV all around, if it is hit, it going to get penetrated by almost anything. Good thing that they have Shrouded giving them a 5+ Cover Save, a 3+ Jink save and a 2+ Jink if they move Flat Out. That puts some iron banding on this glass cannon.

I am thinking about making two different bases for these minis, one for them when they are skimmers and one for when they are flyers. The standard large flying bases will work for skimmers but I may try to magnetize them as the tiny plastic stands tend to break. For the flyer stands I am thinking about a metal rod in a 60mm base. This way it will be clear what mode they are in.

Short Rant

I played an awful game against either an epic troll or a just awful person a few years ago. He played Dark Eldar and took a very cheesy 1,000 point list with three flyers. Aside from that utter nonsense, his Raiders had two bases. It is not that Raiders have two different modes. He would use 24" tall stand when he wanted to shoot in his Shooting Phase so that he could shoot over terrain and other units. Then, he would change bases so that he could hide from units shooting him effectively giving him jump-shoot-jump like a Tau unit. It is still to date the worst and most blatant example of modeling for advantage that I have ever seen. 

What's worse, is that it was my first game against him

Now, how is what I am proposing any different from what he did? Most simply, there is no advantage because in the turn where I would determine what mode the unit is in, it is in that mode for the whole turn gaining all advantages and disadvantages of whatever mode is chosen. I would not use the tall base to shoot at my opponent and the short base to hide from him. 


These minis need some detail work with red stripes and some brightening on the metal. The paint job is pretty good on them at 8 of 10 for me. I used the three staged highlighting and wet blending to give an almost airbrushed look. The models themselves would cost $25 to replace and the paint is worth about $40. Total replacement cost is $65. 

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