Sunday, March 27, 2016

On the table now - Tau Barracuda

The magnets are in and the nut is glued into the bottom of the flyer. I got my basecoat down of Fenresian Grey and have started shading with Drakenhof Nightshade. I am having to do some of the painting piecemeal due to the complexity of the mini. 

I have also done some interesting conversions. I have the secondary weapons magnetized in such a way that I will be able to swap the secondary weapons out as needed. The downside is that because of the way that I chose to do it and a few other reasons (like breaking one of the cupolas on the side that holds drones when trying to pound in the nut on the bottom), I will have to glue the drone turrets on the side in place. I am a little sad as I won't be able to rotate them to shoot someone behind me but the benefits outweigh the losses. For instance, these rotating turrets always end up rubbing off the paint where they contact the cupola. That alone would bug me more than not being able to rotate the turrets.

Look closely at the bit at the top of the picture. The Ion Cannon comes standard on the Barracuda. I have ideas to increase the points cost and let it use the overcharge mode that lays down S8 AP3 templates. I also envisioned a "tank hunter" variant as I talked about in my previous post (and likely every post about this mini from here out). I loosely based this idea on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, a plane that was built around the GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon, a big bad phallus if there ever was one.

Everything about the plane is subservient to the weapon that it mounts. While it is a bit of a myth that the aircraft can not fire the main weapon without stalling out, the recoil of the gun firing is mathematically equal to the thrust of the engines and that is serious recoil. I thought that I would diffuse some of the cheesyness of having a flying Railgun on the battlefield by limiting its use to a tank-hunter role. This could be represented by a special rule that says that the main weapon only hits enemy flyers on a 6+ (due to the clumsiness of the giant gun) but has some bonus in shooting tanks or massed troops with the submunition. This penalty might not apply to large Super-heavy Flyers like the Thunderhawk. Those models are rare and tough enough that a special rule that makes then able to hit on a a regular BS.

While I was magging and converting a Railgun, it struck me that I had a giant rotary cannon spare from a Riptide. It was an easy conversion to get it to fit in the space fro a primary weapon. The stats are not enthralling. With a normal shot of S6 AP4 Heavy 8 it is only a little better than Burst Cannons. Statistically at BS 4, 5.3 shots will hit and, at S6, few of them will be able to penetrate even the modest AV 11 of most flyers let alone any tanks. It would be hard to shoehorn this variant into a viable Datasheet but I like the conversion.

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