Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the table now - Bloodcrushers!

Blogging has been on hold as I have been in a flurry of painting and not really into typing. Can't do both at the same time and when the spirit moves me to paint, I obey its call and writing falls by the wayside.

On the table now are three Bloodcrushers that I traded for on Bartertown. They were in pretty shabby shape when I got them. After ripping them into bits and priming them red, I started on the base pig-dog things. My intention is to paint them red, bronze and silver with glowing white elements on the eyes and side vents. After that, I'll start on the Bloodletters. 

Finished - DakkaJet/Ork flyer

You didn't even know that I was working on a Dakka Jet did you? I traded for this assembled mini on Bartertown for a Vindicators. The guy "accidentally" forgot to send the clear canopy then had the gall to bitch about me taking a few days to ship. I left good feedback for him but only because I thought he was someone else. 

It looked like he based the mini in Mechrite and washed it in Agrax Earthshade. Poorly. There was pooling, dry lines and uneven wash. It was like a checklist of how you are NOT supposed to paint vehicles. I started by retouching the Mechrite but trying to leave the places he managed to wash properly alone. After that, I got the rest of my base colors down. Mordian Blue for the blues, Chaos Black for the black, Mournfang Brown for the golds and Carcharodon Granite for the chips. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finished - Komissioned Koptas

These minis mark the start of a beautiful new age. 

My goal is to get people to give me bits, minis and books for already painted minis that I have done. My ideal arrangement would be something for nothing, but so far no one has gone for that trade. This is the next best thing. They get painted minis and I get more plastic crack. 

I shy away from painting for money because I find that it is hard to make it worth the time. People really do not want to pay for painting. I had a guy offer me $5 to paint a mini that would take take 10 hours to do properly. Not worth it. 

I am hoping this a the start of something good.