Thursday, January 14, 2016

Recasts Revisited

The frenzy over Fallout 4 has died down a bit and I can start to focus on the real hobby of 40k again.

To get me excited about painting, I used some spare cash from X-mas bonus to put in an order to the newly renamed Yoymart, Modelocenter. I put in two orders into Yoymart and was mostly satisfied. They did send me the wrong mini once. It was a giant pain talking to someone with broken English during a customer service issue. They eventually sent the correct mini but I had to pay for it.

As far as quality, they are about where you would expect for recasts. Not quite as good as metal but almost on par with Finecast. They take a lot of cleanup and care but when painted are indistinguishable from legit minis.

The prices are all under what GW and FW are but some are close. The Emperor's Children Dreadnought body goes for 30 pounds ($43 USD) and Modelocenter only had it for $30. Not a great discount but acceptable. Tot total for the GW minis would have been $117.50 and $194.64 for the Forge World stuff for a total of $312.14 retail. That is about 35% off. Again not great and I wish I had done this math beforehand.

Really it is not so bad. I probably could have gotten all of these things for the same or better price on Bartertown, but waiting for what I want to be offered stinks and things are rarely in good condition. This is an acceptable discount for being able to order what I want and get it in new condition.

I took this opportunity to order some minis that I have never found at a good price like Primaris Psyker (not a stellar discount and perhaps a bad purchace) and Crypteks. I piked up the DE Sslyth for a Slaanesh Chaos Lord conversion later. I only need one more Thunderwolf for the foam, but will maybe convert the other two.

I have always wanted Tau Remora fighters. They have been on the short list for every Yoymart order and I finally pulled the trigger. I used to poo poo the Tetras until I faced them. They are highly mobile and highly resistant markerlight vehicles. It is insane not to take them with Tau. They are both going to look amazing in the color scheme that I have chosen to repaint my Tau in.

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