Thursday, March 10, 2016

On the table - Tau Tetras

Also in the package from the Chinese recasters was these two Tetras. Forge World pricing and shipping as well as lackluster rules in previous editions made them not worth the expense. Before X-Wing took over my gaming world, I had a game of 40k with Charles and he brought Tetras. 

They dominated the battlefield. The Heavy Markerlights were able to get 4 or more hits each turn. The unit is amazingly maneuverable and able to get into position quickly as compared to the static nature of Pathfinders. Even for AV 10 vehicles, they are tough thanks to their special rules and cover. I fell in love and had to have them. 

As far as painting, I am doing them in my standard "ice blue" Tau colors which is proving difficult to paint at the same time as other projects. I am noticing that red and brown paint is contaminating my rinsing water and sticking to my brushes. When I go to paint the white/blue colors on the Tau, I can tell that my paint is discolored. It is so frustrating that I have starting to keep a third was pot on my painting table: one for colored paint, one for metallic paint and one for light paint. This would be fine except I also have a water cup, a soda and a beer on my desk. Sometimes, I get confused as to which one is which.

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