Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving up

Posting has be little more than pictures over the last few weeks and I have a good reason. I just moved across town and had to pack up all my TMM stuff. People say that you do not know how much stuff you have until you have to move it, but I knew precisely how much stuff I had because I was always digging through it for bits. 

I kept it all boxed up since the last move across the country so packing it up was really not a problem. The hard part was the triage of deciding what to put into storage and what to keep out. The apartment we moved into is too small for me to sprawl my 40k stuff all over the place. 

I've just gotten my desk set up (pictures later) and am ready to get back into painting. The only hang up is that Borderlands 2 just dropped and that is soaking up all my painting time. It will be a few more weeks until I am tired of joy-puking my face off and can get back to painting and blogging regularly. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Finished - Beat your swords into Assault Cannons

This guy started out as a bad joke. Keith had a Wolf Guard with an Assault Cannon attached to his Grey Hunter squad out in front to soak fire. I hit him with a single plasma shot and killed him because he failed his 5+ Invul save. I told him that he should have thrown a Storm Shield on him. Then we talked about him having his AC tucked under his SS like a spear. I was able to kind of do this with the Assault Cannon from the Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminator and the Storm shield arm that was the most tucked in. I am mostly satisfied with how it came out and did not want to force it any further. 

I forgot to paint his side shields on his thighs in a pattern so had to tear his torso off and repaint them in Long Fang black and white. You can't see it here, but I am mostly satisfied with them too. 

I wanted all my Long Fangs to look old just like I wanted all my Blood Claws to look young but missed the mark a little here. I liked the braid hanging out as if he was spinning around to confront a foe and thought that painting the hair white would be enough to make him look old. It was not.

On second thought, I am to most often attach him to a squad of Grey Hunters and not Long Fangs so why did I paint him those colors? I could rip him apart and change his again but fuck that noise. Those black and white spikes are friggen hard to paint. 

I don't know that I will field this guy regularly, but I love how the mini turned out. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finished - Wolf Guard got a hammer

I don't know how much play time that this guy will see but I love the model. I tried a different pattern with the Blood Claw markings and painted them horizontally. I was unsure as to how that I was going to paint the hammer but like how it came out in the end. If I had thought twice, I would have chosen a different head. I wanted my Blood Claws to all look young and wild but this gut is rocking a Chester A. Authur chops and I love it. 

Next up is a Wolf Lord. I am going to give him Storm Shield and a Frost Blade. I really wanted to use the Frost Axe bit, but with the changes to the Power Axe rules and them striking last, I am less likely to put that on my I 5 leader. 

In semi-related news, GW put out a new load of FAQs that fix the specifics on Sanguinary Guard power weapons, Dante's axe and the rest. Maybe SandWyrm will be able to stop his temper tantrums and play now. On second thought, I don't think the hobby misses him. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh GW, it is like you are not even trying any more

For YEARS, many of us wanted a bits pack with decent-looking combi-weapons in them so we would not have to cut up a flamer and glue it haphazardly to a bolter. GW through that I would be a good idea to make our dreams come true by cutting up a flamer and haphazardly gluing it to a bolter.

The combi weapons are awful except for the melta which is a direct cast of the one from Space Marine Captain sprue. The flamer and plasma are little better than even the most untalented hobbist could do with 5 min of effort. I think anyone could do better than the combi-flamer really. What is it with GW wanting to make spindly little bits that hand off their minis then make them out of a material that make glass look like steel.