Tuesday, July 17, 2018

DMed Star Wars Saga - Still Waters

I am DMing an average of once per year at this point. Not to imply that it was ever regular in the first place. Ran one game of Dread at a friend's brewery that was great. Facilitated Fiasco even though I am crap at explaining the very simple rules.

Recently, I have gathered a gaming group closer to home and we have been running the older d20 Star Wars Saga game and I love it. Already painted up a mini for my lightsaber sparring droid and have played a few sessions with the crew which is composed of a Chiss politician, a human pilot, a Zabrak mercenary, a sneaky Ewok, a Duros mechnic and a scholarly human Jedi.

The regular DM let me run a game and I wrote one inspired the The Adventure Zone Amnesty and the water elemental. I loved the idea of an invulnerable and utterly alien creature. I also love the elements of horror and suspense inherent to that arc.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Finished - Jedi Sparring Droid

Even at the role-playing table, I am a miniature person. I painted the Halfling Sheep-Cavalry mini just for fun despite my GM using vertical maps. Spent more on those minis than I have on single minis in a long time.

Star Wars minis fortunately come for a song. Worst part was the shipping. Bought this Juggernaut War Droid after searching through 7 pages of Star Wars minis of droids with lightsabers or those electrostaffs. Eventually, I made myself a lightsaber out of a 40k weapon handle and a Necron replacement acrylic rod. The only other conversion was ripping off the jetpack of this droid.

Backing up a little, the back story for this character is he was discovered by a researched-focused archaeologist/Jedi near the end of the Clone Wars but before Order 66. The droid dates back over 4,000 years to the Old Republic era and the Mandalorian wars. I had CQ-38 discovered in a state of shut down and repair when his Jedi discovered him. Part of his programming was to follow orders from Jedi and kill all Mandos he sees. He obeys the Jedi but has not yet had a chance to kill an Mandalorian.

The Jedi he adopted was not focused on the martial arts, so used this droid following him as a sparing partner. Finding out that this Droid was built to kick butt, the Jedi used the droid as a bodyguard of sorts. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

On The Table - Lord of Change

This mini has been on the the table for years now. This has been the longest running in progress project I think I have ever had. I think the reason is that I did not have the skills to pull off the concept in my head. I had to paint lots of icy blue minis to get my techniques refined and increase my skills to the point of making my ideas manifest.

I changed the robes from dark blue to purple to provide some more contrast. I re-drybrushed Celestra Grey to even things out and then painted on highlights of my new best friend Ulthan Grey. It is basically white that is tinted blue. Over darker colors it looks white but still gives you the option of picking out highlights in pure white later.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Finished - Dragonborn Warlock

Got involved with a second D&D group and no one uses minis there. The DM draws maps on a vertical whiteboard, and white they are good maps, it is a little difficult to place minis on a vertical surface. I painted my Halfling Sheep Cavalry mostly for myself and that got other players interested in minis.

The Fae fighter/theif/druid wanted an "adult Tinkerbell" figure so I painted her one. Never took pics but it turned out ok. Then the Dragonborn Warlock with a Str of 18 and a Great Old One as a patron wanted a mini too.

The Dragonborn minis are, frankly, kind of stupid. There are a limited few especially when compared to humans and there was no good wizard minis. There was a good Tiefling Warlock though but the head and face were wrong. Fortunately my buddy had a WFB Skink that he let me rip apart.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Finished - Ice Hounds

I started work on the Frostgrave warband of Greg from Cranky Old Gamer. MY directives were to make them look icy and blue, fitting the Frostgrave setting. I started with the hounds and used a ghostly white technique that I have been refining for years and using a lot more lately.

I spray the model white and base it Celestra Grey. It then gets a pretty conservative wash of Gulliman Blue. If that was is too think there are these artificial blue looking areas. Then a touch up of Fenrisian Grey, a highlight of Celestra Grey and a final highlight of Ulthuan Grey. Had great depth and still nice a crisp. 

Finished - Alpha Legion Terminators

Deleted the in-progress post about these minis. This is another in the series of of Alpha Legionaries for a Vyndica client. I talked him into the smoother lines of the Tartaros Terminators with the intent of "Chaosing them up" later. Initially, I thought this would be pretty easy, but when it came down to it I was flummoxed on how to make them look more like Chaos Marines.

I had a bunch of spiky bits left over from a CSM Terminator project and in a moment of inspiration, I just glued them to the sides of torso. I could have tried to dremel out channels on the sides to make them fit flush, but that would have been a lot of work with high risk for wrecking the minis.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Finished - DE Wytches

Blowing through these commissions and trying to clear the table. Getting pretty good at this style. I tried to get some more depth out of the skin tones by going heavier on the purple wash but I don't know how effective it was.

Hopefully the client gives me some vehicles next time. I could go for painting a small skimmer.