Wednesday, February 28, 2018

On the Table - Horrors and Flamers

Finished - Char’s Zaku

At long last this massive project is finished. I started with the head and things went quickly. I initially approached the project like I would with a mini that was much smaller, but that became quickly untenable as there was just too much surface area to paint and not enough time.

By the time I got to the body, I was thinking of painting in a much larger scope and larger areas.

The weapons and decals went a lot faster than I thought and the mini should arrive to the client today.

Flatteringly, the client wants me to do another Gundam model. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Finished - D&D Mini Finneas

Ugh, this post got lost when I was almost done with it. Starting over.

Began with a new D&D group and that means a new mini. I picked "halfling sheep cavalry" as a concept. Took Bard as class rather than Fighter for flavor and versatility. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Long time...

Two months and no update? Unacceptable!

I have been painting but much of it has stalled out. I am just trying to clear the painting table at this point. Working hard to finish the Char's Zaku project. I have both arms, both legs and the head finished but the torso and weapons are languishing. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is a pinprick at this point.

Started work on the next installment of Dark Eldar. I had charged the client more than I needed to because I thought that I would do some slick conversions, but his assembly was so good that I just painted what he sent. I feel a little bad about that and for how long it is taking so I am going to cut him some slack on the final payment. I would not have felt good about taking money for it.

Also still need to begin work on Cranky Old Gamer's Frostgrave Warband. I don't even have details on how he wants them painted.

Then there are my projects. I am working on my Frostgrave Warband by painting Zombicide minis and taking minis out of circulation when they die in game. I have three minis on the table right now with 6 in the wings.

I am playing in two D&D games right now which accounts for some of decreased playing time. I am a miniature guy. Well, I mean I am a large person but I love minis. I have a painted mini for one character with two in the works. That character can summon different kinds of creatures and create fire effects, so I have minis for each of the creatures and Reaper walls of fire. I also have two more minis for that character in the works to represent changing gear and style. The character in the other game has a mount so there is a mounted and on foot mini to paint.

So lots to do and reduced time to do it. I don't know that I am going to take any more commissions for the foreseeable future. I have plenty of my own stuff to work on.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Finished - Frostgrave Warband

It has been about a month since I acquired the terminal Frostgrave bug and I have yet to even play a game!I have spent the time waiting for the host to prepare the game board by painting some of the Zombicide: Black Plague minis for my warband. I don't know that I would have ever found the motivation to paint these minis if it were not for Frostgrave.

I have already talked about my spells, so how about warband composition.

Tim the Enchanter is running the show and his Apprentice is Milo in the pointed hat next to him. I picked two ranged folk Arya the Huntress and “Deadeye” Joyce Dahl with the crossbow. In addition, since my Wizard and Apprentice are armed with crossbows since they really lack good ranged attacks compared to the damage-dealing Elementalists. Backing up the ranged contingent are the thugs of Candy, Bruce the knight of insufficient light, and Bruenor Stonebreaker each just carrying a single hand weapon despite Bruce having two axes and Candy having a dagger tied to her apron strings. The heavy hitter is the Infantrymen known only as the Ax Man armed with a two-handed weapon. I have two thieves for the smash and dash named Locke de Carr (in purple) and Brother Joe (with the green hood and torch). I also have minis for Completely-Headless Carl for the "Raise Zombie" spell and the Gmork for when I get a kennel. If you are keeping track, that is 12 members which is the maximum that I can see.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Vyndica - Char’s Zaku

Working hard on this beastly project. Since the last time I posted about it, I finished all the internal structures of the right leg and am starting on the armor. Once that is done, I should do the cables but I am going to them all at once. I will just move on the the torso. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On The Table - Frostgrave Wizard

Starting work on my Frostgrave warband at the top with the Wizard. Before I knew what school I was going to choose for him, I picked out "Tim the Enchanter" for the mini. I changed around the color scheme a bit because I didn't want to paint that much black. I wanted to be able to pick him out on the table easily and too many minis that are dark and muddy.

Serendipitously, I picked the Enchanting school for my wizard. Initially, I was enthralled by the ability to create Constructs but I could only select 3 starting spells from my main school. I ended up going with the strategy of enchanting weapons and armor during the game and trying to make them permanent. This gives me the ability to buff any soldier in my army and sell those items for extra money.

For healing, I took Lifedrain from the Necromancy (though I am thinking of swapping that for Raise Zombie) and and straight up Heal from Thamaturgy. As far as offence, I didn't take much. Actually, I didn't take any direct damage spells. Everything is either a buff or an out of game spell. I view the caster as enhancing the warband and they are going to do the real work.

In retrospect, I did end up swapping Drain Health for Raise Zombie. The casting number was too high and with it being a Neutral school, I would be succeeding at that spell a quarter of the time. With Raise Zombie, I can cast it out of game without feeling that I am wasting an action or in game if I am running out items to enchantment.

My Final Spell List:

Enchant Armor
Enchant Weapon
Embed Enchantment
Elemental Hammer
Raise Zombie
Brew Potion