Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On the table now - Firespray

I traded a buddy of mine for this Firespray from X-Wing miniature game. It was awfully painted. Muddy dark colors. Clearly the person had no idea on how to paint in even the most basic way (I find this common in X-Wing players). I struggled on how to repaint the mini. Most Firespray repaints are of Kath Scarlett and all of them are awful. Red and white are not colors for beginners. 

I dislike this repaint on more than an aesthetic front as it breaks cannon. Jango Fett stole one of the five Firespray prototypes and blew up the remaining four (like you do when you are a BAMF). There are no other Firesprays until the company that originally built them, Kuat Systems Engineering, breathed life into the project again. In the current Star Wars story line that X-wing is set in about 30 years after the Battle of Yaven, there are no other Firesprays other than Slave I

I am instilled with the original Holy Trilogy at heart and have been reading the Expanded Universe since I was a teenager. While I can't say that I take this stuff seriously, I do like my fantasy universe cohesive and internally consistent. I like fun but I love history, even my fantasy history, as fact more. Episode VII and X-Wing fluff is trumped by The Expanded Universe for me based not just on precedent but also on the volume of the body of work. 

I really struggled on how to paint my second Firespray after having bought a legit Firespray when a FLGS. I was going to do a custom job but then I remembered that there was another Firespray. Jango's Firespray. 

At some point, Boba repainted his dad's ship (and his armor) is a slightly different color. The original paint job, though weathered and worn, is still challenging and awesome. 

I see a lot of them that are not properly shaded or highlighted at all. Occasionally they are weathered with chipping paint, but rarely. My goal will be to try and pull off both. I have painted two stage weathering in the past by painting a dark base layer and then a metallic patch. My goal will be to use three stage weathering by painting in the chips and then a small highlight. 

We will see. 

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