Thursday, July 26, 2012

Necrons in 6th

I just had a great game of 6th Ed with my Necrons against Richard's Eldar and IG. Though I have played one other game of 6th with Tony (What's up LC?), we pretty much ignored many of the 6th Ed rules that we did not understand (which was most of them). Richard was gearing up for a tourny and so was being a big stickler for the rules (which was awesome). I am not going to do a Battle Report but will hit the main points bullet-style.

  • Eldrad is wicked! He stuck them in a unit of Harlequins and kept giving them 2++ saves and himself a 3++ save. They weathered so many hits it was silly. I had no flamers to take them out so they mauled me.
  • War Walkers have to be dealt with early. They killed all my Scarabs and half of those were in Overwatch. Then they killed two Wraiths attached to my D Lord and put two wounds on him. I don't care what your save is, if you have 20 wounds put on you per turn, you will fail saves.
  • There is no such thing as a guaranteed charge! I snake eyed with my C'Tan charging the Avatar from 4". On the other hand, I was able to charge over 6" several times. Never ever take it for granted that you'll get the charge and always have a unit backing up the unit that you want to charge for a counter assault.
  • WTF! Vendettas are brutal! At around 120 points (I don't have the codex in front of me), it is a steal at twice the points cost. It has armor 12 like the Storm Raven and is loaded with twin linked Las Cannons. It can carry a bunch of vets or whatever that jump out and melta or flamer people's face off. It's great as a tank hunter, a fighter, a transport, and cheap to boot! I'm gonna get one as soon as this Embargo is lifted. Maybe sooner. 
  • The Catacomb Command Barge is amazing! The new rules for Chariots are awesome. A vehicle that can charge, +1 save, 1d6 S6 auto-hits and Jink. What's not to love? Getting assaulted with such a big footprint is difficult. Also, do you have to attack the dude in the Barge or can you attack the Barge first? Enemies can attack the base or the hull, so does that mean the Lord can attack through either or just the base? Can the Barge fly off on its own if the guys dies? I'll have to look into this. 
  • The Monolith has a Jink save. WTH? It is a skimmer and all skimmers have Jink. I can't find anything that says it does not. Weird.

There were some other interesting things that happened but that's all I can remember now. 6th Ed is a very different animals and there are lots of changes. I need to get more games under my belt. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you don't hear from me for awhile...

Just got my hands on a bunch of awesome video games. That are likely to soak up lots of the former painting and blogging time so posting may be down for a while. I still owe you an epic post for the big project that I just finished, oh my blog. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Really Struggling with Purple

This is not the epic post that was promised. 

Against my previous promise, I am starting an auxiliary Sister army despite them being an all metal army. I went with a Husky theme of purple and gold. I've never painted purple before and I am having trouble getting what I want out of it.

I started with Hormagaunt Purple over a black primer. I did a heavy overbrush Liche Purple and I think that was my big mistake. There is nothing wrong with LP but it is a very dark color. The next step of washing everything black did not help. The modle ended up almost black. That would have been great if I was doing an off-black Dark Eldar army but I wanted my sisters bright. The gold and cloth turned out so bright that the purple is overpowered. I touched up the washed LP with straight LP but that did nothing to help. It is still a deep and lustrous purple, but it may as well be black next to the gold and cloth.

To try and highlight it, I tried to use Warlock Purple but it looks really bad and cheesy. WP has too much pink in it or something and the result looks like something out of Tron. So I tried to mix them and a 2:1 mix of LP to WP gives this nice glowy result like you can see on her left boot. I want to widen the area of the mix color and then do hard edge highlighting with straight WP but I still do not think that I am going to get the result that I want. 

From The Back 40k
I found a good article on painting purple that skips the Liche Purple step entirely. They do Hormagaunt Purple over black followed by a 1:2 mix of HP and WP. That gives a brighter purple base to work up from than the straight Liche Purple. From there, the paint on a black wash into the recesses. The next two stages of highlighting use the same 1:2 HP to LP but each successive stage adds in one part Skull White. I am going to give this a shot as soon as I finish this mini.

Rather than learning to paint purple with the old paints, I should get some of the new purples and learn to paint that way. Just eyeballing the colors, it looks like there may be a little more room in the purple department with the new paint as opposed to the old paints. In the long run, I'll have to switch over to the new paints anyway. Maybe I'll give the Black Shirts another chance.

I highlighted all the hard edges with Warlock Purple and massively dislike it. It looks like a bad 80's commercial and still too damn dark! I started painting sans Liche Purple with this guide and already love it. More on how awesome that is when the mini is done and maybe after I've had a chance to paint one with the new colors.