Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finished - Tau Tetras

Ugh, I just wrote a huge write up for these minis and I lost it. So frustrated now. 

I went into a lot of detail on how I paint the Tau minis and now I don't feel like rewriting it.

When I lost the document I was writing about hard edge highlighting. So many people, when they try it, just trace the edges in one solid line. (I tried to find some examples but gave up) With hard edge highlighting, less is truly more. You want to put the least amount of paint down needed to achieve the illusion of a three dimensional surface. On my Tau flyer, I used too much in some places, but even then I was still figuring out how to paint such large minis with this technique/pattern.

The mini was $20 each and the paint was pretty good for me *8 of 10) and detailed. I value the paint at $60 because of the detail work on the drivers. Total replacement cost is $100. 

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