Saturday, December 31, 2011

Unexpected Contempt

My buddy Gordon sent me this for Xmas. It was a total surprise and wonderful. It is painted up in the colors of his Angles Sanguine. Its story is that it is on loan from the successor Chapter.

Now I need to paint him up something in return.

EDIT: As it turns out, I send him tasty tasty scotch instead of TMM. As far as beverages that go good with painting, scotch is one of the best. Hey, that would make a good post!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the table now - Dead guys and wings

Working on some dead Marine markers. The wing on the right has hard edge Skull White on it the left one does now. Can you tell the difference because one takes 10 times longer to do.

The guy on the far  right is from the 2009 or so Space Hulk release. He is my only version of this model so I want to make sure he is done properly.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Found a new primer

Was out and about looking for primer and found that Kylon makes an off white satin paint. I used it to prime some termies and noticed that it is just a touch off of Bleached Bone.

I am planning on painting those SW Termies up for the desert-themed army. Kommando Khaki should go great over that.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Codex "Fixing"

Don't cry, Mr Space Marine.

I dislike that phrase. It implies that there is something broken with the rules and perhaps there are. What really bugs me is the presumption that some gamers have that they know better than the guys now in Nottingham. While the gamers may have been rolling dice for 20+ years, the boys and girls at GW are in the business of making a game (and selling minis). I'd say they know what they are doing. Players may know what they want, but like Dan Carlin says, what you want and what you need are two very different thing.

Having said that, there are some things about the Space Marines that confuse and frustrate me. Below, I've compiled a list of problems and possible solutions. Now, this is not idle and self masturbatory wish-listing as some are want to do but ways to make the rules more directly represent the fluff, make the game more enjoyable to play (for me at least) and revitalize older units or units that do not have a place. I do not offer to have all the answers. Sometimes, I have no answers at all

The good guys dress in red!

On the table now - Just missing wings

4 sang guard, a SG Dante to lead them and the Sanguinor looks on from the rear.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Necron Rules

Merry x-mas, meatbags.

Got my first game in in ages. Dusted off the old Necrons and the one new unit I've managed to paint up. It was a great game against Deathwing against a great opponent. I even pulled off a win.