Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finished - Jango Fett Firespray

I finished my first X-wing repaint fairly quickly once I decided on a pattern and techniques. 

I tried the three stage weathering but could not make it work. What I ended up doing was adapting the half ass wet blending from that Tau minis. For the blue I used Teclis Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Kantor Blue and tried to blend them together while they were still wet (I probably should have used Royal Blue for the final highlight as the Teclis Blue is a bit overpowering). The grey area was a mix of Fortress Grey, Codex Grey, Adeptus Battlegrey and Stormvermin Fur. I was very careful not to trace all the angles with highlights to give a very smooth hull an irregular appearance. I did this by highlighting all the top pars of the horizontal lines and paid less attention to the vertical lines.

The end result is an uneven appearance even within a single color type.

Some people work up rules for minis or pilots that might not have rules. I liked this particular version of Jango Fett that I found on a Facebook group. I am looking forward to playing him.

The mini along with the tokens, dials, and pilot cards (basically everything but the upgrade cards) goes for about $20 at most. Some people think that minis in that stripped down state are worth gold but they are not.

The paint is worth money however. I spent a lot of time on it and had to make up some new techniques. I would value the paintjob at $40 for a total replacement cost of $60. I would not let it go for anything less than that. I put it up on Facebook and might put it up on eBay with a high reserve. I don't rely want to part with it and would be happy to keep it on my shelf. 

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