Saturday, March 26, 2016

Finished - Slaanesh Lord

I have wanted a Slaanesh Chaos Lord with a snake body ever since I saw the WFB Slaanesh Lord on mount model. I could not find one for a reasonable price (dudes on BT and eBay wanted $40 plus for it), so I decided to add a Dark Eldar Sslynth to my recasting order with the idea of converting my own Slaanesh Lord. 

The mini retails for $16 but only comes in resin. The recaster sold for $9.50 including shipping which is just over retail and also comes in resin. The quality is not great with lots of air bubbles. The tiny arms were also poorly cast and misshapen. My "buyer protection" through Aliexpress (the Chinese version of Paypal), has expired so I decided not to pitch a fit over it. I would likely have replaced them anyway.

For the large arms I used a regular CSM arm and a Possessed arm. The shoulder guards also came from the Possessed box. The smaller right arm with the knuckles is part of the kit and the other smaller arm is a Dark Eldar Wytch arm. It is difficult to see, but I also added a Bolt Pistol in a holster on the left side. The sword is from the Dark range. I picked it because it fit the theme of the model better than a CSM sword. I also usually color my Power Weapons green on CSM but chose to just do silver on this one. I thought the green would be too distracting. 

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