Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finished - Living Saint plus extras!

Saint Celestine is finished and I can't stop thinking about what an awesome model she is. 

Also, on the table are a BA Termie Captain based on Lysander, a BA Vet Sargent based on a Crimsom fist model and a Chaplain based on a Games Day mini. 

I am taking a break from painting and playing right now and that meas taking a break from blogging too. I know there is a lot of buzz about the new SM codex and lots of other stuff, but I am too busy to write about it. There is a lot of personal stuff going on but mostly I have fallen into Fallout: New Vegas and can't get out. Nothing is better after a hard day at the office than shooting drug addicts in the head. 

And that's what I am doing!

Likely the F:NV bug will wear off soon and I'll get all jazzed up about something but for now it is just a hiatus.