Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thinking about a Deathwatch army

I picked up Deathwatch: Overkill for $130 including shipping on Bartertown and it has gotten me thinking. Once all the minis are painted up and combined with my existing Deathwatch Marines, I would have the start of a pretty nice Deathwatch army. I have outlined everything below with a little padding and estimated points costs with current rules. 

Chaplain - 90pts

Librarian, bolter - 65pts

Librarian, pistol, Mastry 2 - 90pts

Chapter Master, Power Ax, Combi-plas - 150pts

Sternguard x10, Heavy Bolter x2, Combi-melta, PS/PP - 280pts

Vanguard x5, Lightning Claws x2, Jump Packs - 120pts

Terminators x5 H Flamer, Combi-melta - 190pts

Bikes x3, Power Sword - 78pts

Total points - 1,063

That is a pretty respectable if not very competitive army. If you shoehorn in rules like Suspensors (turns Heavy Bolters into Assault 3 18" weapons), give everyone Melta Bombs, Special Ammunition even on the Vanguard and in the Heavy Bolters, allow for Bolter, Bolt Pistol, CCW on all Marines, Preferred Enemy: Xenos then it starts to be a competitive (or at least more competetive against Xenos armies). All that would be required would be to round out the other 4 members of the Terminator squad and two bikes, all of which I have in bits.

The real challenge is Deathwatch Terminator shoulder guards. They are rare. I think that one comes in the Terminator box and it is not very good. The goal is going to be to find a classy person that is into casting minis and will trade for bits, painting or both. I thought I has a guy for that, but he was a giant flake and a bit of a scammer. Trouble is, I don't know any people that are into casting finely detailed minis. I've asked Greg but he does not know of any hobbyest that are into casting. I've seen a few people on Facebook that look like they do casting. Perhaps I can get them to cast some arms and pauldrons for me. 

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