Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finished - Lootas and Meks

To go with my Ork Wrecker Trukk, I painted up a minimum squad of Lootas and true to my word, I used Speed Freak colors. Lootas are supposed to be the greedy thieves of the Ork warband. They think that "sharing" is an integral concept to Ork Kultur. My vision for them is that they stay in the Trukk and shoot wildly ant anything that comes near. then they zoom up, unload and haul away their kill. 

I painted them just like the Trukk primarily red with lots of silver and yellow and gold accents. I am really liking the two color scheme for my Clans. I have finished but not posted pictures of my 'ard Boyz. They were blue with some dark red rust. There was silver and gold in there too but with only one bright color (blue), they look kind of monotone. I should have added in some red accents, but you live and learn. 

I also painted one bit that was clearly a Tau Fusion Blaster in the colors of my Tau. It looks a little weird but it makes me smile. I also have an OD green Lasgun bit in there (top left Ork) but it is hard to see in the picture.

I don't think that there is anything that I particularly like about these minis. They painted up well, were challenging without taking too much time. 

I dislike how the kits go together. Each gun only fits with one harness and left arm. There is no mixing and matching like there is with the Flash Gitz kit. It seems intentional and I think it hurts the value of this kit. I also dislike the bulkiness of the weapons. It kinda fits with the rules of a heavy weapon that it should be so cumbersome and awkward, but I think the execution leaves something to be desired. 

I both like and dislike how much detail there is in this kit. Each gun has as much surface area as an entire boy and takes almost as long to paint. That is a lot of time to devote to a single model that is going to die from a stiff breeze. That being said, there is also a lot of fun and Orkyness in these minis. There are bits from other armies that are clearly mixed in like Lasguns and Fusion Blasters. 

The kit retails for $25. I did some head swaps and little conversions but nothing that I would feel good about charging for. The paintjob is pretty good at about a 8/10 for me. I could have spent a little more time on them and done some additional weathering but I think it is diminishing returns. I don't think that any more time or detail would have been appreciable. They did take quite a long time to finish so I think that $35 is reasonable. Total replacement value is $60. Trade value is about the same.

UPDATE: I added two more Lootas to the squad. Rather than do the value piecemeal, I'll just update it here to $84. I just used a liner formula to extrapolate what two more Lootas would be worth (($60/5)*7=$84).

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