Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finished - Proxy Beasts of Nurgle

I started these guys what feels like a few days ago and they are done. Granted, I did not really paint them with any sense to detail that I could have. I put about $4 worth of paint on them which is what they are worth. I have already talked about how I painted these minis in some other posts. They finished up nicely then I gooped Nurgle's Rot into their worm-mouths. They required very little detail painting and turned out really well. I don't know if they will ever see table time as Beasts of Nurgle are kinda weak and can't be summoned. I could proxy them as Plague Drones but that is a little douchy for me. 

Overall I am pleased with how they turned out. I liked how easy they were to paint and how inexpensive they are.

On the other hand, they were kinda chincy. The white plastic was kinda hard to clean the mold lines. I had to really dig at them with a hobby knife and still missed some. I still had to find a base for them too. I was going to reuse a Dreadnought base but instead decided to use a large flying base. They are about the same size and that way I am not out some nice bases for cheep models. 

In terms of value for these minis it would only take about $8 to replace them if I can find them. The paint job is about a 5/10 for me and is worth about $10 each. Total replacement value is about $30. Trade value is about the same assuming someone would want them.

1-24-17 Update: Recently I traded these two worms and this green cow of Nurgle for a current edition of the Dark Angles Codex. That is $70 retail. I call that a pretty good trade for two $4 minis, a serendipitous find in the bits box ad a few days of work. This is the ideal for me. I would love to buy cheep minis, paint them the flip them for expensive books or more minis to paint.

The only down side is this took place over Bartertown. I am pretty much universally disgusted with that site. I would love for there to be a better option that is not run by utter sociopaths. My hopes were high for Vyndica, but I got word that that site may be going away. While the people on BT are mostly greedy and cruel but the people on Vyndica are lazy and stupid. Greedy I can dismiss, ignore or snark at. The cruelty hurts at times and frustrates me quite at bit but nothing like the utter idiocy on Vyndica. On BT people low-ball or off garbage for trade but the people on Vyndica can't seem to even get that far.

One of the most common questions that gets asked is, "What are you interested in?" It is kind of annoying that every trade needs to start this way. On BT people are supposed to list their have and wants explicitly (though many people don't seem to be able to manage even that simple task). There is a description box on Vyndica but it is insane and draining to even copy and paste a list into every item's post so people on Vyndica can either passively make offers or ask what you want in a comment.

I had one guy ask what I was interested on a post for a fully painted half of Deathwatch: Overkill. I responded with my typical "Here is a link to my wishlist." It is a little condescending but I get tired of answering the same question over and over especially when so little comes of it. MY wishlist is almost the entire GW catalog. The guy comes back with "Hey check out my stuff."

There are so many problems with that response that they require numerical bullets!

1. Can't. Or at very least we couldn't at the time. There was no way to search or filter results to a single person. There was no way that I was going to go through every post (which can take a long time to load) looking for this guys stuff. Also, If I was interested in anything something, then I would have made an offer or asked what he wanted already.

2. The stuff he did upload had literally nothing to do with anything that was on my want list. This is impressive as I have hundred of items listed. If he did read my wishlist, then he had no business saying "Check out my items" as he knew that he had nothing that I wanted.

3. Going off #2, he clearly did not read my wishlist. If he had then he would have said to himself "Wow, this guy wants a lot of things but none of them are anything that I have. Darn." You don't read a long list of wants, not see anything that you have, offer some garbage anyway and expect anything to come of it. I honestly can't tell if this is more greedy or stupid.

4. Aside from not having anything to do with anything that I want, the one post he uploaded was some really old minis one of which was awfully painted. The total value to me was no where near what I valued the painted minis. It is like saying," Hey I know that you don't want any of this stuff and it is in poor quality and there is not much of it and it is not an equal trade, but please consider a trade?"

I got a little cranky at this and spicy at him in the comments. I hate this kind of stupidity. I hate it when people don't listen. It may be the thing that I hate most. Most of all, I hate wasting time. So much of trading minis is a giant waste of time. On BT, I send out offers that are ignored or worse go on forever only to fall apart.

Speaking of sending a link to my wishlist and inherent stupidity, I had another future Nobel Prize winner comment back with "link doesn't work." The kid was too lazy to copy and past a URL into his browser. I have a hard time understanding how someone so lazy and stupid doesn't suffocate from forgetting to breathe every once and a while.

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