Saturday, February 14, 2015

Finished - Gretchens

I also finished these in the Summer of 2014 and am just now getting to post about them. there was a lot of painting in that time period that never got documented. Recently, I took out the photo studio and tried to take some good pictures. 

I think I took some adequate pictures. I am still getting the hang of taking picks of colorful and detailed minis and making them look as good in pictures as I think they look in front of me. Part of the is getting my light right. 

My painting studio has two halogen lights and three natural lights. My photo studio has just two halogen lights and whatever else I can grab. I end up with kinda washed out and orange photos if I am not paying attention. I've gotten some photo editing software to try to fix this.

I love these little guys. I don't know that they are useful for much other than a little green meat shield. I think that is their intended use but it would be nice if they could take a Dedicated Transport like a Trukk. I kind of wish there was a transport like a Land Speeder Storm or the Dark Eldar Venom. Say carried 6 models with 2 Grots counting as 1 model. That way an 11 man squad (1 Runheard and 10 Grots) could ride. Make it a Fast Skimmer and it would be useful for taking objectives. Maybe I'll VDR it one day. 

I made a lot of little conversions to these guys. I didn't have to as no one thinks anything about Grots and consequently few people put any effort into them much less do conversions. 

The guys int he top photo to the right just had simple head swaps. I must have gotten some Night Goblins heads in some trade and if I was not going to use them to swap out for Gretchen heads, then they were never going to get used. 

The fellows in the bottom picture to the right had some more advanced conversions. I have a Grot that has turned a beaky helmet into a weapon. The Grots with the Chainsword could not figure out how to turn it on so just put some spikes on it to make up for it not working. The last guy just has some spikey bits on his knife. 

The real gem is my John McClain Grot. He is wearing a dirty tank top, has no shoes on and has an awesome gun. I should have greenstuffed one to his back too now that I am thinking about it. 

Two packs of Grots costs $33. I really went all out painting and converting these little guys and value the paint job basically at a little over two bench fees at $50. They took a lot of time to finish and are worth it. Total replacement value is $83. No one is going to trade that much for them. I would be lucky to get $60 in trade value which is about the least I would trade them for. 

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