Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On the table now - Daemonettes

This 10 man squad of Daemonettes will finish the basic Troops for Daemons. I have finished but not yet taken pictures of my Plaguebearers and with the Bloodletters and the "Pink" Horrors finished, these little pink ladies will complete the set. 

The painting is not going well. 

I decided to go with a pink, black and silver color scheme to match my Emperor's Children. With the EC, I randomized (to a point) the colors and where they were placed. With the Daemonettes, I decided early on that I would paint all the skin pink and use silver and black as accents. Painting black and silver are two things that I can do well. I thought that I could do pink as well because I remember it being shockingly easy on the EC models.

I used Mechrite Red as the base color and a 1:2 mix of Mechrite Red and Bleached Bone as bothe the main color and the highlight. I did this by, after laying down the Mechrite, painting the mix generaly where I wanted the pink while leaving some Mechrite exposed. Then, I washed it CarroburgCrimson making sure not to get the pink too muddy. This applied subtle shadows and a gradient to the pink. I would do a final hard-edge highlight and detail work with just the mix.

Problems started when my mix from all those years ago dried up. It was unuseable and would not reconstitute.  I tried to mix up another batch but something went wrong that I can not explain. Maybe I watered down the paint too much but it is not covering very well and is not a prefect match to the old color. 

In addition to the paint failures, these minis are so spindly and frail, that I had to assemble then before painting. I dislike doing this because I have a hard time painting all the cracks and crevices with arms and legs in the way. Fortunately I was able to keep the heads separate but the rest of the minis had to be assembled. I also glued some arms on backwards. The kit does not differentiate between right and left and it is not evident. 

I am frustrated with this project already. As with the Horrors, I am tempted to set them aside and work on something else, but that leads to a huge backlog and wasted minis and time. This is not like the Trukk where I just needed a little time to think about things and get a clear head. I do not get the exalted feeling when painting or ok at them with a feeling of accomplishment when they are done. 

I am going to power through and get them done so that they will be done. I look forward to that day. 

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