Thursday, February 19, 2015

On the table now - Daemonettes, Savage Shoota Orks and Necron flyer

I and grinding my way through the Daemonettes and wanted to outline my next two projects. I find that if I set specific goals in my painting it keeps me from bouncing from project to project and leaving my table strewn with half-finished minis. 

That does not mean that I will not indulge small side projects like the Squig or Preacher of Nurgle, but I should finish one large project before moving on to another one. 

Up next after the Daemonettes, I have my Feral Ork Shootaboys. I like pairing the Clans and paintjobs ironically with the minis.  I can think of no type of Ork less suited to be a Shootaboy than a wild Feral Ork. For a little further irony, I am going to paint them as Bad Moons, typically the most rich of the Ork clans. My Sluggaboys are also Bad Moons so they can share use of the Trukk that I have already painted. 

I am very excited to start work on these Orks and am trying to use that excitement to propel me through the Daemonettes (which are still not going well). Really, what I want to do is to set the Daemonettes aside and work on these bad boys. To tell a secret, I have been. when I am waiting for Daemonettes to dry, I will try to get some paint on either the next set of Daemonettes or on the Orks but always returning to the Daemonettes. 

I usually do not plan more than one project  into the future but I have had this Necron flyer staring at me for too long. I m excited to have a flyer a different army. I have had a Storm Raven since 5th and have loved it through each edition. I added an Ork flyer but have not fielded it yet. I think I am going to enjoy the bomber versions more than the ubiquitous Dakkajet.

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