Friday, February 13, 2015

Finished - Three Psykers

This post represents the last post I need to finish before being completely caught up. I've gotten into a habit over the last year of not posting pictures of things when I'm done and that makes it difficult to keep track of when I finished over the course of the year. Since realizing this, I have tried to at least post a picture if not write a post when I'm done with a project. Later I can come back and write about it. Downside is I let myself accrue a big backlog of posts and had to spend 2 or 3 days fleshing them out. 


I got these guys in a trade on Bartertown. I've wanted them for a long time but did not want them in resin. I found them on eBay and bid $25 on them before realizing that new they cost $15. Luckily I was outbid by an insane person. 

When I did my On The Table post, I talked about the rules. I thought they had changed since the Psykers were removed from the Grey Knight Codex. While they are different in the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum codex, in the Inquisition Codex they are similar the the past editions of Grey Knights.The Psykers lay down a S3 AP 6 large blast template but for each additional Psyker the S increases by one and the AP decreases by one meaning that for 6 Psykers that is a S 8 AP 1 large blast. My plan is to trade for a Chimera on Bartertown and stick these guys in it. Since 5 people can shoot out of the top hatch that leaves room for the Inquisitor (either with a shooting weapon or a witchfire psychic power), the 6 Psykers (counting as one shooter), and 3 more Servators, Priests or other member of the Inquisitorial Warband to fire our while being protected by the Chimera's AV 12 front armor and supported by its Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser and Lasgun Array (the Inquisition Codex omits Lasgun Array from the Chimera's description but I am sure it is a typo). 

As far as painting, they were pretty straight-forward. I painted the trench coats khaki and the pants slightly darker for contrast. I wanted a little splash of color so I did the sashes red. Boots and gloves leather, staff gold, skin flesh. (I really need to lay out my standard color schemes on here at some point). I did add in a little blue wash in the psychic head thing to set it apart, but it is not apparent at arms length. 

I like these minis a lot. I like how you can set up a little tableau of a Psyker with his hand to his head, another aiming a pistol at the first to execute him before he turns into a Daemon and the third reaching to stop the second one. I may have played with these guys like a little kid a bit. I also like how cheap they are and I love their rules. I don't think I did anything spectacular here so everything I like about them are inherent to the minis and rules. 

Conversely, I don't think I dislike anything about them except how hard they are to get at a decent price. They are a not an outstanding paint job but they are solid. 

As far as what it takes to replace these minis, they go from anywhere from $5+shipping to $15 or more per mini. I think that if I had to rebuy these minis to replace them urgently I could find someone selling them for $10 each easily (ignoring shipping) for a total replacement value of $30. The paintjob is 6/10 for me and I value it at about $20 (my minimum bench fee) as it went pretty fast. Total replacement value is $50 and trade value is about $60-$80. I think if I had 3 more than I could trade them for more than twice to someone that wants to buy a complete squad of them in one go. 

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