Saturday, February 14, 2015

Finished (again) - Big Mek

I had finished my Big Mek with 'eavy Armor and Burna a while ago on a lark. New Ork codex comes out and the rules have made this an illegal wargear combination. Meks of any type can no longer take Burnas at all. The only units that can have them in any way or Burna Boys. I talked about strategy and tactics in an article about this mini and I didn't see any potential for abuse so why this bit of wargear disappeared is a bit of a mystery. 

Meks are now restricted to Kombi-rokkit, Kustom Mega-blasta, Rokkit Launcha, Kombi-scorcha, and Kustom Mega-slugga (a pistol version of the KMB). This list makes little sense to me. The Kombi-rokkit and Rokkit Launcha are the same cost. One is a one shot with a Shoota and the other is a Rokkit shot every turn. WTH? It was not until after I had finished my Kimbi-rokkit bit that I noticed this. 

I am getting ahead of myself. 

What I did was trim the offending Burna bit off the front of the weapon and added in a Shoota bit to make the Kombi-scorcha in the top picture. It took me about 10 min to fix it. 

Then I thought, why stop there? I made another Kombi-weapon. Like I already said, I had finished the Kombi-rokkit before realizing that this piece of wargear is dumb and I would probably never take it. I contemplated breaking it apart the Kombi bit but since I had plenty of Rokkit Launchas, I didn't mind ruining another one. 

Lastly, I banged out a KMB bit as this is the sexiest piece of 5 point wargear in the Ork Codex. 24" S 8 AP 2 is to be drooled over by any army. The only thing holding it back in the Orky BS 2. This means that if you have three of them in a unit, you can reliably expect 1 to connect each time you shoot. They also get hot so for those same three shots, you can expect that you are going to lose one of those guys. Rough

The good news is that now i have a Mek or Big Mek that can take almost any of his Mek weaponry. The downside is that now I have to keep track of all these dinky little bits. 

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