Sunday, May 8, 2016

On The Table - Leviathan Mortis

I made great strides on this mini this weekend. Most of that work went into the base. I debated on what army to make it and in the end settled on generic Chaos. I painted it like a rusty wreck with lot of Dark Flesh washed with Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil. I did a lot of drybrushing silver colors over it as well. I feel like I like how it turned out but it is very homogeneous. That would bug me more if it was not a piece of scenery on the base.

The Rhino turned out over very dark but that was intentional. I knew that the mini was going to turn out very dark. I didn't want the base to outshine the mini. I used the technique of dampening the colors on the Genestealers to good effect and I tried to put it to use here too. It is a thin line to tread by trying to make the base interesting but not too detailed and well painted that it looks better than the thing standing on it. 

I need to preface anything negative that I say about this mini with the fact that it is amazing. That being said, it is insanely difficult to assemble. It makes GW minis look like a tricycle and the Dreamforge minis are a very hard bike (I don't know bike stuff). I had to be very careful when painting assembled bits not to get wash in the cracks. That wash dries and makes bits that should move very hard to move or stuck. I made this mistake with the arms in the shoulder and elbow. It sucks. 

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