Monday, May 16, 2016

Finished - 6 Genestealers

These little buggers (pun intended) have set on my painting table for over a month. In that time, projects have been started, set aside, picked up, set aside again, forgotten, picked up, completed, clear-coated and put on the shelf. I don't have a reason why these minis sat untouched so long but they did. I often paint in groups of 3 or 4 minis. Granted 6 is a fairly large group and perhaps that is why they daunted me for so long. 

Regardless, they have languished too long on the sidetable of procrastination for far too long. I made it a point to finish them and everything else on my sidetable before moving on the next project.

I lied to myself, of course. 

I started the next Dreamforge proxy Knight Titan before completing these Genestealers. Regardles they are done now but I have not touched the other projects on my sidetable like my Lord of Change or finish the base for the Tau Barracuda. 

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