Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On The Table - Leviathan Mortis

I took a sick day today for a mental health and spent that time really plugged into this mini. I made a lot of progress and it is almost finished. 

I had a devil of a time getting the legs right. It was a lot of trial and error of fitting them in place and adjusting my work. I ended up gluing the legs in place so there is no motion. I should have pinned the legs to the base from the start. They do not rest flat on the ground or on the vehicle. I could not use my trick of applying super glue to a corner and letting it wick into the crack. I tried this and it just dried on the foot and base still not connecting. You can imagine my frustration. 

I was going to have the mini rotate at the waist, but the hydraulics that attach at the front of the pelvis to the torso are too fiddly to allow that kind of movement. I glued the hips to the spine and the spine to the torso. Then I had to fit the little hydraulic bits into the hips and torso. It was like rocketsurgery.

The only part not glued in are the hips because I am not sure how the posture of the mini is going to shake out. Initially, I thought that the mini would be standing upright more, but now it appears that it is more hunched than I anticipated.

I also left the shoulders and elbows free to move to position the arms. Unfortunately as I already said, there is wash in the cracks and that makes them more difficult to move.

Next time you see this bad baby, it will be tagged with "finished!"

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