Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On The Table - Leviathan Mortis

After finishing my last big project of the Tau Barracuda, I decided to start on my next big project and that is my Knight Titan army. Currently, I have a legit GW Knight Titan from the first release (so it is missing the sexy extras like the fist and carapace-mounted weapons), a Leviathan Mortis and Leviathan Crusader from Dreamforge Games. 

Dreamforge makes Titans in two sizes. Basically they are Knight-sized and Warhound-size. I have one of each (Mortis and Crusader) in the Knight-titan size and one Crusader in the Warhound-size.I decided to start with the smaller Mortis for my first effort and HOLY COW this is a detailed mini. It is insanely poseable and complicated to assemble. I spent over an hour staring at the sprues unsure how to start. Each piece has a piece that needs to be assembled before it. 

this is not for beginniers. It makes GW minis look like snap together by comparison. It is more akin to advanced Gundam models that the "cool kids" like to use for Tau minis. Mode of that parts and joints are held together by screws that can be adjusted to get the perfect amount of motion in the joints making the minis immanently poseable. This is a big change from more static models or even models that need to be magnetized in order to be poseable. This is the big leagues. 

The instructions are also confusing. It is less "tab A into slot B" and more like the computer in Superman 3 did to that woman. Each step involves three or more sets of steps that have to be done in a certain order and may or may not include glue. Very little of this mini actually needs to be glued. Most of it is held together with screws. 

It also does not lend itself to partial assembly then painting as is my want. I feel like it is designed to be assembled off sprue and never painted. 

Regardless, I am excited to finish it. It has been a new experience trying to assemble it. 


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    1. Good article. I am really overwhelmed with this project. This mini is crazy poseable!

      Also, we have the same OG wooden painting table.