Monday, September 14, 2015

Finished - Three Genestealers

I am trying to clear the painting table of any projects that are sitting in limbo. I had a Broodlord and these three bad boys basecoated and waiting for wash and detail work for ages. Wash and touchup went great but I really stalled out on the detail work. 

I made an intentional choice not to highlight the skulls, metal and helmets as much as I normally do in an order to make them not overpower the main body. These minis are very dark overall and a bright red helmet would draw attention away from the killing machine. For the Skulls, my final color was Rakarth Flesh. For the red armor the final highlight was Evil Suns Scarlette but only in very small amounts. I left the green lenses as Knarloc Green and did not do any countershading or reflective dots. 

I spent so much time learning how to do those techniques and how to do bright highlights and tho choose not to use them for effect is a strange feeling. Less is more is not really my style but I am happy how the minis came out. 

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