Saturday, May 7, 2016

Still on The Table - Leviathan Mortis

Holy cow, this mini is taking forever. I have probably spent over 20 hours on the assembly of the legs only. It would be difficult to make the assembly of this mini more complicated or the mini more poseable. That is not a criticism in any way as it is totally worth it. 

I made a custom base for the mini by sawing the front off of a hideously-painted Rhino that I got in a trade. I had bought Rhino parts off of eBay to avoid destroying a perfectly good Rhino, but after inspection and further thought, the Rhino was not in perfect condition and I lacked appropriate bits to make a convincing Rhino front. 

It was a delicate ballet of assembly of the base and assembly of the legs to get everything in accordance. I had to re-position the toes a little to make it look like the feet were resting on the hull or ground but other than that, the flexibility of the mini worked well. I wanted to position the mini on a giant piece of terrain and deciding on that was the longest part of this process. 

As it stand now. I have decided on and assembled the base, assembled the legs to the point of solidifying a position and screwed in the screws. The legs are set as far as I am concerned. I may as well glue them but can't at this point as I have assembled them too much. I even added some sand to the base around where the foot is to make it look like it is sunk into the ground. 

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