Monday, May 2, 2016

Finished - Thousand Sons Sorcerer

I put the final touched on this mini. I was scared for a bit because it was not turning out very well when we started. The Sepia wash really helped and the new way of doing blue really pops. 

I am using Gulliman Blue over white or Runefang Steel with a little touch up to do my glowing bits. I had to make this change after they axed the old blue wash and I like the new way. It took forever to figure this out. 

I had asked on Bartertown about replacing Asurmen Blue and got the predictable smart ass reply of "there is a conversion chart." It bugs me when people assume that people don't Google something before they ask a question but then again so many people ask before they Google. I had not gotten much help from that (or really from any post that I make on BT) and none of my painting friends had any input either. It was through experimentation and fortuitous mistakes that I was able to come up with this new technique. 

I like the simplicity of this mini, the contrast between the blue and red and the seamless conversion. Overall on the table top this min looks like a red blob in a unit of blue. It stands out because of the distinct color, but has a deceptively simple palate. The blue areas tie into the Royal Blue of the Thousand Sons unit that he leads but also really stand out against his red. The conversion and post are really stellar. It was really hard to do the head swap, weapon swap and replace the arm in a natural pose. The backpack joins are an awkward angle but that is only noticeable on the side from the mini-level. 

The mini is difficult to find. The exact mini is out of print but comparable minis range from $12 to $20. It would take an average of $17 to replace easily. The bits are $1.50 for the sword and $3 for the rest. The painting is pretty good and the conversion work took quite some time. I value the work at $40. Total replacement is $60. 

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