Monday, May 18, 2015

Finished - Palanquin of Nurgel

I have wanted to build modular versions of the Daemonic Mounts for a while and the easiest to do was the Palanquin of Nurgle. Now, a Palanquin is supposed to be a covered box supported with sticks and born aloft but the backs and sweat of the unfortunate. I skipped the sticks and the box, but this is what I have. I took inspiration from Epidimius and had a surface help up by a host of Nurglings. 

I kept it simple by making a disc that was slightly bigger than a 40 mm base and made a guard for it out of plasticard. I put a stand on it to later secure to the base. I used a mix of old metal Nurglings and newer plastic ones. If I had been thinking, then I would have used 7 of them, Nurgle's favored number. 

I did incorporate the "three" symbol into the top of the palanquin, as you can see from above.

I could have physically weathered the disc a little more or added spikes, but I wanted to keep things simple. I feel like the symbols and Nurgling bearers are enough. Once I start adding spikes and chipping stuff, things can get too busy. In the end, I want the model riding the base to be the focus of attention.

I like the whimsy of the model, how easy and effective the paint job is and the creative nature of the mini. This is a fun model. What could be more funny and terrifying than a Chaos Lord bearing down on surfing a wave of Nurglings. I forget how I dreamed up the what I am going to name Nurgle's Skin but it is easy and looks great. I should really do a step-by-step on them.I don't know that I have ever seen someone do a removable Mount of Chaos on the table top. There are  plenty of images and examples of them on the internet but they are rare.

I dislike the simplicity, how it looks a little big for 20 mm minis and how small it is. I know that I have already said that I like how simple it is so that it does not over-power the mini riding it, but it is also rather bland and plain. When I put a smaller figure on it, the base dwarfs the mini. It looks a little odd but this is a compromise so that it can accommodate both large and small minis.

Establishing value for this mini is hard. Nurglings like this are bits from other kits or older metal models are difficult to find and vary in price widely. I think that time and materials make this mini worth about $20 to me. The paint job is worth about $20 making the replacement value of this mini $40 and the same for trade value.

Up next, I am finishing the Tomb Blades, three Genestealers and two Daemonettes. After that my table will be clear. 

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