Sunday, January 18, 2015

On the table now - Plaguebearers

Working on my Plaguebearers. I am trying some more advanced techniques than I did on my Plague Marines. These guys do not have large flat areas of armor to paint and that makes them more difficult. I had to approach it with finesse and patience. 

For starters, I learned a lesson from the Bloodletters and attached the arms before I started painting. I prefer to to paint and then assemble and while it make it easier to paint all the angles and crevasses, the place where arms join to the body on that daemon models never look right unless they are painted with the body. It is hard to get the shading right. 

The plan is to paint them Bleached Bone and then layer in green and sepia washes to achieve the rotten skin effect. I am not really going for realism. I know what rotten, infected and dead skin looks like but I find that it is hard to paint and uninteresting to look at. 

The plan with these is to have a 10 man unit of each of the 4 types of Daemonas an army and to be summoned by other forces. I already have 10 Bloodletters and 10 Horrors. All that is left is 10 Daemonettes and they will hit the table soon . I am not really enthused about Daemons as an army but they are fun to paint and collect. I am going to branch out into other choices from the Daemon army. I have 3 Bloodcrushers finished and plans for some proxy Beasts of Nurgle (which I just found out that you can not summon). 

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