Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finished - Gun Servators

My Inquisitoral Warband grows! I have one Inquisitor finished and 2 more Inquisitors that I never posted about to cover my HQ. I have been slowly building the group of mercenaries, misfits and masterminds that shall accompany them into battle. Already finished for the Warband are Three Psykers and two Jokero that I have not posted about. That, combined these three finished Servitors, makes up the majority of the shooting portion of the Warband. 

The dream is an Inquisitor and 11 of his buddies riding around in a Chimera or Valkyrie (if I am feeling squirrely). How those 11 dummies break down may change but for now I am planning it around the 6 people that can shoot out of the top of the Chimera. I like the Psykers that can lay down a S7 AP2 large blast as long as there are 5 of them but only counts as one guy shooting. The Jokero can shoot Las Cannons from their eyes apparently and these three lobotomized dummies with guns for arms round out the shooting. There is one slot left for people to shoot out of the top hatch and I'll save that for a wildcard. 

Initially, I was unsure how I was going to paint them. I was going to do them each in a different colors like Skittles ("TASTE THE RAINBOW OF FIREPOWER, HERETICS!") but somehow ended up with painting each set of wargear with a color. Plasma Cannon if blue, Heavy Bolter is red and the Servo Arms will be black. That way I can tell how many of what type of Servitors I have from across the table. Also, a non-standard color scheme helps them blend in with whatever army I put them in (Inquisition, Blood Angel, Space Marines, IG/AM). 

I like how well the skin tones turned out and the small different details.I learned a little about using purple wash in skin tones from doing Greg's Genestealer Cult. I was trying to make them turn out unnatural, but they ended up looking great. I tried a little purple here and there to make it look like bruising on these minis and it worked fine. I may keep using purple in my skin. Each mini is unique at this point. 

I dislike how the Plasma Cannon is slightly out of scale and how static the poses are. I don't really have a good option to replace the Plasma Cannon with something else smaller without having to get really creative with the conversion. The Space Marine Devastator Plasma Cannon comes with a backpack and is fine. This part is not my fault, but the poses for these guys are boring. I know they are lobotomized husks, but the poses are lifeless. 

These minis are kind of hard to get.  They typically came in a box with the Techmarine in full Servo Harness. They sell them on the GW site but they are all resin now. The prices on eBay are all over the place. Anywhere from $6 to $15 dollars. I think that I could replace them for $10 each easily. The bits are available for $8 easily or I could try to find the actual model. Painting came out great. I want to call it an 8/10 for me but I think that is overselling it. I think a solid 7/10 and valued at $30. Total replacement costs are $70 and Trade value is $100. 

Next On The Table is 6 Tomb Blades to fill the requirements for my Decurion Detachment, 3 Genestealers and a Broodlord. After that I have no plans. 

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