Monday, May 25, 2015

Finished - 6 Tomb Blades

Finally, all 6 of them are done except for the weapons. The side mounts for the weapons are magnetized as well as the slot on the back for the support system. There is also a magnet in the base that hold it to the stand. It is just easier to mount them that way and no chance of it breaking. 

I painted them in my Rusty Necron scheme with the rust parts being brown, stipple red, stipple orange, wash Agrax Earthshade then touch up red and orange. I do the chips with Carcharodon Granite followed by Chainmail then washed Agrax. I touch up the chipped areas with Mythril Silver. the clearly inorganic components are painted Boltgun or Chainmail then washed black. I do a broken edge highlight of Mythril Silver. There are some aread that I wash blue to give contrast with the orange. 

Retail for the kit is $41 which is a little crazy considering you only get 3 minis. Paint is worth about $60 for the set of 6. Magnatizing them adds about $5 onto each model bringing their replacement value to $172.

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