Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finished - Iron Warrior Havocs

I got these old old metal Chaos space Marine minis in some trade or another and they sat in my bits box for ages. Perhaps years. I have another of these types of Las Cannon Marines and was not really a fan of it. The Auto Cannon is a straight up ugly mini. If it were not so hard to convert them up, I would trade it. I really love the Heavy Bolter Marine. It looks totally Grimdarkand 40k. There are hooks and chains and a BFG that looks like it was carved out of single giant block of steel. 

I painted these guys in my typical Iron Warrior colors. The whole model gets sprayed black and then a solid coat of Chainmail. I then paint on my gold, yellow and brown colors. Then I do the things that I hate to see other people do. The whole model gets washed in Agrax Earthshade. I then do a broken-edge highlight with Mythril Silver on the gold and silver areas. There is some touching up and rewashing after that but they paint pretty fast. 

I like some of the poses, the simple but effective color scheme and that they are done. I already talked about how BA the Heavy Bolter guys looks but for the most part, these models do not show their age on the table top. They just look like more contemporary Marines and the HB is way better than the plastic kit. I could paint the Iron Warriors better and I do on Characters and special minis. I am glad that I have found a way to quickly paint basic troopers and have them look well. Most of all I am happy to have more IW Marines and Heavy Weapons. 

I dislike some of the poses and how dinky the paint job looks next to some of my other projects. I front-loaded some of complaints about the sculpts. While I was putting these minis back in the case, I held one up to my Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor and the Havoc paled. It is not fair but it galls me to have minis that are not painted the best I can do. 

These are old minis and hard to find. I would take any style heavy weapon to replace them. Prices on eBay run between $3 and $10 on sold listings. I think that I could replace the set for $20. Paintjob is 5/10 for me and worth $20. Total replacement costs is $40 and trade value is $55. 

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