Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finished - Lictor

I think I am a pretty good painter but every once and a while I pull something off that blows me away. I started this guy a few days ago as a side project and a few weeks before that, I had never even used this technique before let alone painted a single Tyranid. I did a few tests and a few more but this mini turned out great with very little effort. I thank the blue paint gods for making it an easy color to work with. 

I started with Kantor blue as my base and did a heavy drybrush of Techlis Blue over that. I washed with Drakenhof Nightshade and then did a light drybrush of Teclis Blue again. I had to touch up some areas with Teclis Blue but very little. Mostly just the edges of the armor. Some areas had to be shaded again thanks to some over-zealous drybrushing. After that, A little Temple Guard Blue finished the blue areas.

I used to be scared of purple but after these minis, I think I have made friends with it. I started by painting Xereus Purple over the areas I wanted purple. It is key to do this after any blue drybrushing as blue on the purple areas disrupts the effect. I washed the area Leviathan Purple and then touched up with Xereus Purple again. The finishing touch was some Genestealer Purple in a less-is-more fashion. 

I love everything about this mini and hate nothing. 

I need to work up some rules for using him in Space Hulk. So far I have found any simple and balanced rules for using them in that game. I think I am going to use him as a modified Brood Lord but I have not worked out the details. 

Lictors retail for $25. Given that this mini is metal and out of print and judging by eBay completed auctions, replacement value for it is about $25 still. The paint job is majestic (8/10) and is worth about $25 for me. The resin base is worth about $4 to replace. Total replacement value is $54 with a trade value of $65. I don't know that anyone would pay that much for it as the paint scheme is fairly unique. 

I am still working on Greg's Genestealer Cult. After that I think my next project will be Necron Tomb Blades for my Decurion Detachment. 

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