Monday, May 18, 2015

On the table now - Tomb Blades

The prototype Tomb Blade is finished and I learned some good lessons. 

1. Magnets are best applied to the weapon mounts after the weapon mounts are in their final position. 

2. Think of colors in terms of what wash you need to use. Paint everything that needs Agrax then everything that needs Nuln. 

3. Sometimes, detail is not worth it. I skilled some detail on the spine and wires and feel ok about that. 

The rest of the Tomb Blades are getting painted assembly line fashion. It is a lot of stop and start because I am waiting for washed to dry but everything is going well. During all that waiting, I banged out a Nurgle Palanquin so the time was not totally wasted. 

It is slow going but I think the final product will be worth it. I am looking forward to fielding a Decurion Detachment until it become no fun. 

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