Sunday, May 10, 2015

Finished - Deathleaper Lictor

Long ago, I had a dream about starting a Tyranid army. It was going to be a first wave of a bug invasion. A Deathleaper as an HQ, Genestealers as Troops and Lictors as Elites. None of the Tyranid creatures that are normally associated with a later invasion. 

I scrapped that dream in early 2014 when I traded all my Tyranids on Bartertown for some Forge World Terminators and a busted Baneblade. 

I resurrected it when I started Greg's Genestealer Cult minis. I used my Space Hulk Genestealers as test minis for that project and just kind of kept going. The minis were turning out so well that I dug out some Lictors that I had not been able to trade for a good deal and painted them up too. The plan is to use the Lictors with some special rules in Space Hulk or in Deathwatch RPG but before I knew it, I had an almost 300 point Tyranid army painted. Now, I am starting to think that I could make this happen after all. 

Once the Space Hulk Genestealers are finished we can think about getting more minis.

I changed up a few things on this mini from the other Lictor. I painted the Feeder Tendrils with blue tips. These is no reason for this other to change things up a bit and provide me a painting challenge. I also gave the Deathleaper red eyes where all the other Tyranids to this point have had black eyes. I guess you could say this represents the increased intelligence of this creature compared to the others. 

The value of this minis is similar to the other Lictor. It retails for $25 and the paint is about $25. With the base total replacement value is $54 with a trade value of about the same. 

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