Sunday, April 26, 2015

Finished - Test Genestealers

 I have a lot of balls in the air and many of those balls are Genestealer-shaped. I have finished the three initial test Genestealers from this post. I also have three more Genestealers in progress from this post

I did some interesting thing son the bases of these Genestealers. I went for a subtle and dark tone for the bases. The minis painted up great but are overall very dark in tone. I wanted the minis to be the focus and didn't want the bases to overpower them. To that end the bases are shaded twice as much as I would have if they were part of the mini and not highlighted as much. You can see this specifically on the skulls and the red armor. The red actually contains no Blood Red and the final highlight is Mechrite Red. I even went so far as to apply a Blood Angel Transfer to the shoulder guard. 

I'll so an epic post when if they are ever finished and determine their value then. 

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