Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finished - Forge World Herald of Nurgle

I have been a fan of this model from Forge world since it came out. At the time, it was the most intricate and detailed Nurgle-related model available. The subtle detail that tie it into the Lord of Flies really take the mini to the next level. Nurgle has many symbols, but one is the three circles. This design is copied across this model. You see it in in the sores and blisters and most obviously in the loudspeaker. I love that attention to the fluff detail. 

This mini comes with a chainsword, but I did not like how it looked. The teeth are small and the blade is too thin. Initially, I tried to replace it with a Space Marine chain sword but it was hard to get the length right. Instead I dug through my bits box and found a corroded-looking sword from the Fantasy Range. With a little work, it fit right. 

I painted this guy in the same scheme as my Plague Marine and Plaguebearers. I painted the green Snot green with black wash. The skin is Bleach Bone with green and sepia washes. I used my simple rust trick (watered-down Dark Flesh) on the metals. 

Something new I tried was the Citadel Technical paint called Nurgle's Rot. I don't think it is visible on this mini (I took these photos after I clear coated but before I applied Nurgle's Rot), but I love it. You have to put it on after a matte clear coat because the paint is glossy. It goes on nice but you really need to gloop it on if you want it to be noticeable. The paint shrinks quite a bit as it dries. 

The model and his buddy, retail for about $22 plus shipping from Forge World which means that they are about $11 each. The trouble is that this is not a Forge World model. It is part of an order that I did to Yoymart before they closed/changed their name. I have lost my records but I think I paid about $5 for both of the minis. I have to be truthful when I say what it would take to replace this model. The little conversions add in some value but not much. The paint is good but about 7/10 for me. I put a lot of detail and weathering, rotten flesh and new painting techniques. I would value the painting at about $20. any less feels like I am shorting myself. Total replacement value for this mini is $22. I would trade it for one of those GW expensive single plastic minis like the Librarian or Painboy so I think that $25-$30 is a good trade value. 

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