Monday, March 26, 2012

On the table now - Typhus and the boys

"Am I bad enough?"  "SHO NUFF! "
The interim infantry model of the moment is Typhus. The first thing that you may notice is that Typhus has no Destroyer Hive on his back. I traded for the model on Bartertown a while back. Everything went great but the mini was disfigured. Since we had traded, the guy gave me the monies to buy one myself. Not being one to gaze upon the endowment of a equine in the oral cavity, I took the money and painted this guy. To be fair, I told the guy that the mini being deformed was not a big deal to me but he wanted to make things right. Also, this guy is hard to find and $$$ from GW direct.

The Plague Marines in the background were finished long ago. I am using them as a visual guide to make the painting scheme consistent across minis. It has been a long time since, I've used these techniques, so I want to have something to cue off of. 

It is not like this is a particularly hard pattern. The green is Base Loren Green (formerly Foundation Knarloc Green) over a black primer. Then there is a a complete covering of Layer Warpstone Glow (formerly Snot Green) so that none of the Loren shows through. The metal is Layer Ironbreaker (formerly Chainmail) painted right over the green. With colors like green, it is not usually necessary to paint up from a black base color. The white areas are Base RaKarthFlesh (formerly Foundation Deneb Stone). Later I'll paint those areas up proper. I just wanted the black outline around them. After that the whole model was washed with Wash Nuln Oil (Formerly Badab Black) being careful not to let it pool in any areas. 

Then you walk away. Many a mini has been messed up by trying to paint areas with the wash still wet in places. One drop of paint into wash and the effect is ruined with no good way to fix it. I'll talk more about painting Typhus when I post the next picture.

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