Saturday, January 10, 2015

Finished - Rune Priest

I am finishing some Space Wolf character models while I am finishing my last commission for this year. I have to take a break from all the detail on the Infinity minis. They are maddening and sometimes you just want to paint something brown. 

I think I paid near retail for this mini because it is metal. I can buy a Finecast mini for almost $20 but I am disappointed in that material. It is not made to last and I'll take a mini in metal any day to a resin one.

I painted him in a pretty standard pattern for my Space Wolves. The only thing I really went to town on was the face. I did a flesh wash over Dwarf Flesh and then touched it up. The eyes were painted Bleached Bone, then washed Leviathan Purple and touched up again. Usually I stop there, but on this mini, I took out Elf Flesh and my finest detail brush and put the faintest highlights on his skin. 

I am getting better at skin. I am light-years ahead of how I used to paint flesh and this makes me excited of where I can go from here. 

He is magged out! I put magnets in his wrists so I can swap out his close-combat weapon for a forse ax/sword/staff. That's not a really a big deal but I am only painting one of these guys so I want all the options. I could also use him as a Wolf Lord in Power Armor in a pinch. 

As long as I was sinking magnets into this mini, I decided to magnetize his back as well. It is highly unlikely that I will ever give my Rune Priest a jump pack, but I want that option.

The mini is hard to get and probably worth $30 on its own due to its rarity in metal. The paint job is pretty good but it is not in a Codex color. The magnets also add to the value. To me it is worth about $25 but to someone else it would hard to tell. I would estimate the value for me to replace this mini at $60.

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