Monday, January 12, 2015

Finished - Arjac Rockfist

The Anvil of Fenris is one bad mutha. 

I love this mini. It is one of the most dynamic poses of any Space Marine models ever. You can just imagine him twisting at the waste and flicking his wrist and that hammer flies.I love this model. Perhaps the only bad thing about it is that it is only available in resin. 

Because it is only available in resin I decided to give Yoymart a try. They make resin recasts of GW minis for less than half the price. Arjac retails for and insane $25. I remember when rhinos cost that and you could get a 10 man box for that price. Yoymart sold this for I think $5 which is eminently more affordable. I don;t know that either price is exactly right but maybe it should be priced somewhere in the middle. 

As far as quality, it is on par with GW Finecast if maybe a little more brittle. There are places where the detail is a little fudged but again it is on par with Finecast. It required a little cleaning up before it was ready to be painted. 

I painted him in my standard Space Wolf colors. I went a little heavy with the weathered bronze. In the middle of painting him, I reflected that all of the detail was painted bronze. I regret that partially but I don't have a good idea of how to paint it better. 

I am pretty pleased with how the face came out. For some reason the wash didn't want to stick to his face. I ended up having to paint on Agrax Earthshade to get it dark enough. I used Elf Flesh and a detail brush to get some subtle highlights on his face. 

I have to be fair in my estimation of what it would take to replace this model. I can't claim retail value for it when it is a knock off. The mini itself is worth about $5. The paintjob to me is worth about $25. That means to replace this mini would be about $30. However, Yoymart seems to have closed down. Right now, a retail mini is all I have access to and to replace this mini with that one would be closer to $55. 

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