Monday, January 12, 2015

Finished - Njal Stormcaller

This mini has been my unicorn for a long time. I made a number of offers on it and ended up paying almost retail for it. I dislike Finecast and wanted this mini in metal only. Any mini that was metal makes poor Finecast and any that have straight bits like staves, rods or swords are nightmarish ti fix. Often I end up clipping those bits off and replacing them. No such luck with this guy as his staff is a major part of the model and (until this most recent codex) a powerful relic. 

As for painting him, it is pretty straight forward. Like the Rune Priest, I really tried to go to town on the face. I wanted all my Space Wolf Psykers (I know they hate it when you call them that) to have fiery red hair, but Njal is old or at least I feel that he is so I gave him grey hair. 

I feel bad that the runes are recessed rather than raised like the old model or the Rune Priest. I didn't feel comfortable painting them red like I did on the other models. It breaks with the established pattern but I think it makes for a better model. 

The psyber-crow on his shoulder did get attached after these pictures were taken. I dislike that part of the mini. It is awkwardly placed and breaks up the outline of the model. I think that it should have been a separate mini like Azrael and his Watcher.

I think this mini turned out average for me. I don't have much that I really like or dislike about it. The mini retails for an astounding $22.25 but you can only find it in resin. Due to the rarity of the metal mini, I would value just that at about $35. The paint job is good for me but someone else would likely have to strip it. For me to replace the mini would cost me $60.

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