Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finished - Helbrute of Khorne

I finished my first Cult Helbrute. It started with me just messing around and having a dirth of Helbrute kits. I even went out and bought a full kit and some bits to complete Helbrutes for each of the Chaos Gods. 

This guy is obviously the Helbrute from Dark Vengeance with a few modifications. I left out the front plate and swapped the head for a Bloodcrusher head that I had spare. I also added some spikes to the side of the head. I shaved off the icon on the left fist and replaced it with a Khorne symbol. I removed and re-positioned the chains under the fist. I adapted a Power Flail for a right arm weapon. I added some gargoyles to the smoke stacks because why not. I added a large Khrone symbol to the back and replaced the butt plate with a Bloodcrusher head armor. I hafe a metal flame that I'll mount under the left fist after I get it painted. 

As far as painting, I don't know that I did anything special. The reds were simple and dark. The metals were a barker version of my standard gold. 

I did add in a little Khorne touch. The right knee guard is painted blue and green like the middle of the World Eater's icon. 

I think with all the conversions that this mini is valued at $45 without the paint. With all the detail, I think that to replace this mini would cost about $85. That seems about right for trade value too. 

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