Monday, May 12, 2014

Finished - Termie Captain, Horrors, SW Torso

Those fracking Horrors have been on the table for ages. Maybe a year but probably at least 6 months. Theirs is a long a storied tale of desperation, ambition, betrayal, disappointment and perseverance. Ok well maybe not betrayal unless you could my paint betraying me. 

I started them after the Bloodletters but never made an On the Table post about them. I based them in a blue Foundation color and drybrushed them a green Foundation. After that I drybrushed them in an interference paint. I either washed them in either green or blue. I think most of them got green. 

The end result was disappointing. It was too dark and did not have the iridescent effect that I wanted. After Googling a Jeweled Beetle shell and getting sloppy with my Sepia wash, I became a little more happy with the results. The sepia in the joints and recesses added in the red color that the minis was missing. 

The flames turned out poorly too. I think I left too much pure white showing and that ruins the effect. It works kinda and that is enough for just getting them done. I don't know that I ever attempted anything like the skin and flames before and for a first attempt with no test minis, I think I did OK. 

Up next is the LC Captain. I said all there is to say about him in a previous post. He turned out ok. There was some weirdness about mounting the head due to the modified cowl. I don't think it will effect the table top look of the mini and I can photograph it in a way that will minimize  the weirdness. 

Last up is a Space Wolf torso. I magnetized one Thunderwolf on the legs so that I can swap out some of the more strange configurations for them like Mark of the Wulfen. To complete the mini, I banged out an ax/shield guy.

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