Monday, October 20, 2014

On the table now - Khorne Helbrute

 I am taking a break from comission painting. I was inspired yet again expand The Cult Troop Project to a larger scope. Initially it was supposed to be the chosen number of each type of CSM Cult Troop. Then it was some Daemons of each type to go along with the CSM. Then it was Daemon Princes. Then Greater Daemons. Now I am going to do a Helbrute for each Chaos God. 

The Khorne one was easy to decide on. All close combat. I was inspired by this Helbrute with Bloodcrusher face. It was difficult to find the original artist as Man-boy "Genius" likes to post other people's work rather than do his own. I wanted two close combat arms but did not want two Power Fists. The Power Flail is an awesome appendage that reduces enemies Attacks. That's advantageous for a Helbrute because close combat attacks that could hurt a Helbrute (Power Fists, Smash, etc). Unfortunately it does nothing for Melta-bombs. 

Typically, the Power Flails are left arm weapons but rather than turn this Helbrute completely around, I tried to convert the Flail to the other side. I did this by turning it upside down and mounting it under the right shoulder plate. This took quite a bit of green stuff and some luck but it all worked out. 

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