Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Basing Day

Ok, quick and dirty.

Remember how much crap I got done last year? Well, I have not glued any grass to anything in 18 months. that means that everything in those pictures, had to have glue and static grass applied to it.

It took all day and I am covered in static grass. this stuff is really itchy.

I typically do this stage in big batches at at the CLGS because of the mess. I don't want to find static grass stuck all over the place for months afterwards. That grass also makes spray painting of any kind troubling. I can't tell you the number of times I have found those hairs in my primer or clear coat. It is infuriating!

While at the CLGS I even got in a game against a friend's Space Wolves. He played a pretty simple list. He managed to have a Land Raider in a 1000 point list. That should have been some free points there but I was playing the Grey Knights and my only AT was Thunder Hammers and the Vindicare Assassin. Ole Vinnie was mowed down by a Heavy Bolter on Turn 1. It would have been a different game if Vinnie had been able to shoot. In retrospect, I should have deployed him in such a way that the tanks would have had to move forward to shoot him and he could have shot at them.

I ran Vinnie, Crowe, two squads of 10 Purifiers and 5 Termies. Not Paladins, just Termies. I ran the Termies with Crown and one squad of Purifiers forward to get at his objective and kept the other 10 man squad on my objective. In retrospect, I should have broken the Purifiers up into Combat Squads, and kept 5 men on my objective.

In the end, he chewed up lots of my men but never went for the objective. I was the only one trying to win. But I made it look like I was trying to win and that is what tricked him. He spent so much of his time shooting my advancing forces and not advancing himself that he lost the advantage. On the record it was a tie but really it was a loss for me. I committed a lot of troops and gained no ground. I feel like the Soviets in WWII.

I also got some Sanguinary Guard despite the Embargo. I was gonna get blue wash and Sang Guard anyway but I let the GW guy try to talk me into all kinds of crap. After the fact, I was a little disappointed in him. He sees all the stuff I have and tries to sell me more. He tried to sell me big box  Fantasy stuff and stuff for armies that I did not have. I guess he is not used to making an actual sale.

I am used to this treatment from GW employees. It is like they are spoiled as salesmen because they sling plastic crack. anyone that comes into their store that has bought before IS going to buy from them again. They do not have to establish quality or really talk anyone into buying anything. The old crew knew not to try to sell me stuff but this latest crop has yet to learn the rules.

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