Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the table now - IW Rhino and EC Champ

Everybody scream to feel good!
Finished the BA Rhino and am plowing on with the IW Rhino. It is slow going because I really did not plan out the color scheme before I started. I had completely forgotten to incorporate the black from the IW shoulder pads into the design of the Rhino. I went a little crazy especially on the front with the black but that will help me out in the weathering stage. Since I am not planning to wash the whole model, it is going to be hard to show dents and dings in the metal when it is the same color. I can try black chips but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Also not planned for was the magnets. My Chaos Rhinos are just going to be Rhinos. No need to convert them to Predators and thus no need to magnetize the back hatch or the doors. I need to magnetize the gun hatches on the front to swap out combi-bolters. I really need to sink some magnets in right now for smoke launchers.

The Emperor's Children Champion is coming along really well. He should be finished by the end of today. I am really liking this new plan of working on a vehicle and a infantry model at the same time. It is preventing me from getting too frustrated with the vehicles. 

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