Saturday, March 24, 2012

Almost finished - IW Rhino

Rhino is coming along. Pretty much done except for the doors and the top hatch. The doors are almost finished. I decided to mix in some more black in them and it is looking nice. The only complaint about this kit is that the FW doors do not fit the FW openings on the extra armor. the door is a little smaller. It would be better if it were larger. It is easier to make the door smaller at this sage than to make the opening smaller. I could fill the gap with green stuff, but decided to skip it.

One of the doors was warped and I thought that I could just glue it in and have that fix it. Unfortunately, I glued my fingers to it and peeled off quite a bit of paint both off the door and the hull. This was easily fixed by adding more weathering. Hard to tell anything happened.

You'll notice that I swapped the smoke stacks for some bits from the Manufactorum terrain set. I did this because when I got these Rhinos, they were used and the stacks were damaged and gummed up with paint. I sawed all of them off and replaced them. I like the different look but it is also functional. when I flip the vehicle over when/if it gets blown up, the larger stacks hold the FW spikes off the table so they do not get broken.

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