Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Yearbook Post

And here I thought I didn't get anything done this year!
I like to make a post about everything that I've finished over the course of a year. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Below is a list and accompaning close ups. This is not meant to be a display post but more for record-keeping.

Yearbooks post:
Deathwatch Black Templar Marines
Two dead marine markers

Blood Angles:
Chaplains x3
SG Dante and 4 Sang guard (Backpacks are not done but I'm gonna file them under 2011)

Death Company (total 11):
Power weapons x3
Power fists x1
Infernus pistols x2
Hand flamers x1
Regular x4

Sergeant (total 11):
Lightning claws x2
Double pistols x1
Power weapon x1
Relic weapon x1
PW and hand flamer x1
PW and melta pistol x1
PW and plasma pistol x1
LC and plasma pistol x1
Power fist and plasma pistol x1
Power fist x1

Primarch Sanguinius
Contemptor Dread - Gift from Gordon, came painted

Dread Dreads
DC Dread, Chaplain Dread
Librarian Dread x2
Regular Dread

Now with bonus Venture Bros

One of these things is not like the other...

5 “bikes” that are Chaos horsemen with standard bearer, plasma and melta weapons. Also, an Aspiring Champion with powerfist.
Iron Warriors x12 - 2 flamer, 2 plas, 1 melta, 2 lascannons, 1 missile launcher, 3 sergeants, 1 icon bearer,
Daemon Prince with wings and custom base

Cult Troops:
Khorne Bezerkers: x11 including Aspiring Champion, standard bearer and classic marine
Noise Marines: x4 including standard bearer and classic marine
Thousand Sons: x6 including standard bearer and classic marine
Plague Marines: x11 including 2 Aspiring Champions, standard bearer, special weapon marines and classic marine

Very. Bad. Men.
Huron blackheart
Kharn (commissioned from Gordon)
Ahriman (commissioned from Gordon)

Grey Knights:
Champion (Plastic kit form GK in power armor box)
4 Metal Terminators
Brother-Captain with sword and psycannon (Metal)
Terminator sergeant with thunder hammer
Power armor sergeant x3: Pair of swords (metal with plastic), halberd (all plastic), thunder hammer (metal and plastic)

Calladus x1
Vindicare x2
Eversore x2
Cluxesis x1
Deathcult assassins x2

GK in power armor:
Swords x4
Halberds x11
Pair of swords x2
Hammer x1
Warding staff x2
7 personal teleporters magnetized plus one for a sergeant
Psylencer x1
Psycannon x5
Incinerators x4

Necron Catacomb Command Barge with Overlord

First thing on the table in 2012:
5 Death Company - 2x Plas/PW, 3 regular
3 Veterans with power weapons
Jokero Weaponsmith
Steeler Marine
3 SH Termies
2 Necron Lords
2 more GKT

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